• Return of the jedi v3

    Current version for Robocup Junior Europe. Pushing blade on the clamp and lift arm. (Arduino Mega technology)


– History of team robot24 bots –

  • Light side of the force v1.

    mBot with two mCore boards, tank caterpillars and pushing blade. Arduino Technology.

  • Dark side of the force v2

    Ranger with clamp and pushing blade. Arduino technology (Auriga Board).

  • Both missed robocup france.

    To many light for dark side … 😉


May the Force be with Us

Because We need it …

  • Vidéo de présentation de l’équipe du collège de Vergt.

  • Robocup Junior Bordeaux. Le jeudi 3 Mais 2018

Congratulation to Team Max. – La force – Dordogne –

Robocup Junior 2018 French Champion !!!

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